Our task was to build 5 separate web portals that all worked together to ease the management of a sports club or school, and track the players welfare. We additionally had to build two mobile applications; one for parents and players to understand their attendance or report injuries, as well as another app for coaches to manage the team on the go.

What we did!


After numerous discussions, and market research, we kicked off the wireframing process.

Essentially, we create skeletal frameworks of the platforms to guide as visually on the next stage.

Design & Prototyping

We then turned the initial wireframes into prototypes of the entire user experience both as clickable prototypes and videos.

A prototype is simply an early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process.


We then turned each of the designs and prototypes into fully fledged applications.

We have a team of front end developers, back-end developers, mobile app developers and product managers to lead this process.

Testing and Launch

Our vigorous testers then went through every part of the project to ensure that it is completely bug free and ready for users.

Marketing & Optimisation

The product lifecycle does not end at the launch, as we continously have to understand how users are interacting with it to make improvements.

Manage on the go

We built an app that allowed coaches to check and manage their teams attendance, injuries, and upcoming matches on the go.

Easy for players.

The players app allowed them to see what upcoming matches they have, and easily confirm their attendance at the tap of the button. Rather than not showing up on the day, or ringing in to the team secretaries.

Connected Web and Mobile platforms.

Parents app

Coach app

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